Booking Guide

1. Open up the main site

2. At the top of the page you get HSRC Training Request and Payment Portal for existing club members.

Booking Request and Payment Portal.

Welcome! - Would you like to log yourself in or register?

3. Click log yourself in or if a new member register.

4. You now get to the “create new account” This is also the page you will login if a returning member.

5. Fill in the form, you will now need to provide a unique email address and a password for the account. You can use your normal one for this. Then fill in the details for the trainee , most boxes should be filled in. If you have problems once you have registered we can complete or amend the details for you.

6. Click Submit and that’s the registration completed..

7. If you are adding two prospective members start again from No 1 above  but you must now have a different unique email address for 2nd member.

8. That’s both accounts set up.

Booking and Paying for HSRC

NB: If a newly registered member initially when trying to Add an item to the cart you may get the message " Pending Approval". When the account is authorised this will be removed and you will be able to book and pay.

9. Now to book or purchase goods, log yourself in using the email address and password you set up , you now come to the front page where all the products will be listed.

10. Click add selected items to cart. You now go to the shopping cart. It will show here all the items you have selected.

11. Click checkout and you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and then click confirm.

12. You will now get the invoice etc, the system will then direct you to "paypal". Once paid you will be directed back to Click finish, you have now booked your first training session.

13. Now you will need to do the same for additional members using the login details you set for the second trainee. After this is done you will receive an email telling you what you have booked. 

14. You can if you need to check on a booking by logging in and clicking my account at the top of the page. This will show all bookings that have been made in the last few months with the newer bookings to the top.