Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Continued membership of HSRC is subject to commitment to both training and competition (racing). As a race club it is expected that members will want to demonstrate their skills learnt whilst at training session.

By making this booking and accepting these Terms and Conditions of Hemel Ski Race Club (HSRC) I agree that I and/or my child will be bound the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures of HSRC. Parents/Guardians of trainees are also authorising HSRC to act in loco parentis, if necessary to give consent for an anaesthetic to be administered or for any other urgent medical treatment to be given to or surgery to be carried out on my child on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.


• All club members must abide by the laws and spirit of the sport of skiing and ski racing – always remember, you are the Ambassador for your Sport, your Home Club, The Centre and Region

• All club members must accept the decisions of race officials and trainers without questions or protestation. 

• All club members must not cheat and in particular must not attempt to improve their performance by the use of drugs. 

• All club members must exercise self-control at all times. 

• All club members should accept success and failure, victory and defeat with good grace and without excessive displays of emotion. 

• All club members must treat their fellow participants with due respect at all times.

 • All club members are expected to act as active members of the training; i.e. help each other, assist the course setter/trainer on and off the hill and generally don’t expect ‘others’ to do the work for them. 

• All club members aged less than 18 years of age are not allowed to consume any alcohol while attending any Hemel activities. All trainees regardless of age must not be under the influence of any medication, drugs or alcohol whilst participating in HSRC activities. 

• During any session operated by Hemel Ski Race Club incl training or race events any child up to 12 years old (12 years deemed as being up to and including the day immediate prior to their 13th birthday) MUST have at least one responsible parent, guardian or adult (18 years and over) who remain on The Snow Centre premises at all times. 

• During any Hemel activity if a trainee’s behaviour and conduct is such that, in HSRC’s reasonable opinion, training is at risk of being disrupted, another trainee is inconvenienced or the trainee puts the reputation of the club or centre in jeopardy, the trainee may be asked to leave the training/racing with no refund of training or racing fee.


The following procedure will be followed if there is any breach of the above Code of Conduct 1. The sanctions, based on the severity of the offence, must be clearly explained to the trainee(s) involved. A. Verbal warning. B. Written warning or telephone call to parents. C. Withdrawal of privileges D. Being withdrawn from training or competition. E. Withdrawal from HSRC 

2. In the event of a serious breach of the above Code of Conduct a disciplinary hearing will be held as soon as possible after the alleged offence has occurred or comes to the knowledge of the club officials and will be attended by the trainee(s) involved either individually or together as appropriate and at least two members of the clubs committee to ensure the correct gender mix. Any witnesses will be heard separately, if appropriate. 

3. A parent/guardian of the trainee(s) will be contacted and informed if it is feasible or practical but the confidentiality of trainees of 16 and over will be respected.

4. A written record of the Disciplinary hearing and the sanctions imposed will be kept and signed by the clubs welfare officer.


I am aware that I am an ambassador for my family and my country and have read HSRC’ s Code of Conduct. My parents/guardian, by accepting the Terms and Conditions of HSRC agree to abide by them. I understand the Disciplinary Procedure and the Sanctions which will be imposed in the event of a breach of conduct.


Occasionally photographs of trainees may be used in publicity material relating to HSRC. Accepting these terms and conditions confirms consent to the photograph being used. Where possible the name of the trainee will not be used unless HSRC have obtained the consent from the parents/guardians of the trainee.